SOUS by Chris MeighanSOUS by Chris MeighanSOUS by Chris MeighanSOUS by Chris MeighanSOUS by Chris MeighanSOUS by Chris MeighanSOUS by Chris MeighanSOUS by Chris Meighan
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SOUS is an occasional event series based around musical performances combined with a special selection of beers brewed for each evening,  in an intense and intimate semi-subterranean setting.

In a joyful setting, SOUS (fr: under, beneath, within) brings together a specific, somewhat idiosyncratic aesthetic (red neon, 1980s arcade games, 1950s French cafés) and a more serious point about the power of do-it-yourself, bricolage, interaction, music and friendship.

The evening operates on a non-profit basis with donations, which (after deduction of costs) are divided among the performers.

A bed becomes a bar, a kitchen becomes a brewery, an antique sea chest becomes a sound system, a tiny basement home becomes an escape from everyday reality.

SOUS is the underworld, l’enfer.
SOUS is darkness and screams.
SOUS is alchemy, the mastery of arcane processes.
SOUS is also my home.
You are welcome, please make yourself comfortable.
The bar is open, the band is warming up. Listen, there are voices calling from the deepest caverns.
Beware the four-footed black-and-white she-devil, who will cross your path with curses or blessings.

SOUS to you, you to SOUS, you and me too.

Beer label designs by Stephanie Lüscher, beer names by Antoine Latipau and Marjolijn Rijks.

SOUS events

  • SOUS #1 – Sterk Water (March 2018)
  • SOUS #2 – ElectRick and Norman Hemley (June 2018)
  • SOUS #3 – Viper Mad and Papelón Kifesh (October 2018)
  • SOUS #4 – dahaW ⅃ꓘ, Luca Di Maio, Diskette Deluxe (May 2019)
  • SOUS #5 – TBC (August 2019)